Global JS

Class name or attribute Description
Hide the element on page scroll.
Show the element on page scroll.
Apply the class scroll-css to the element only on page scroll.
Scroll the page to the top when the element is clicked.
Scroll the page to target element specified into the href="#target" attribute of the link. Javascript function: $(#target).scrollTo();.
full-screen Set the height of the element to full screen. Use the attribute data-offset="123" to adjust the header height. Use the attribute data-min-height="123" to set the minimum allowed height.
Javascript function: $(#target).sizeFullScreen();
data-click="URL" Open the URL link when the element is clicked. Use the attribute data-click-target="_blank" to open it in a new window. Use the attribute data-click-trigger=".selector" to assign the click event to a different element.
data-options="option:val" Convert the values inserted into an array. Supported values are strings, numbers, boolean. The values overwrite the default ones and can be referred to multiple plugins, methods and arrays, not existing options will be ignored.