There’s a better
way to create your options panel.

Themekit Options Panel is an extendable WordPress options panel, it's productivity oriented and packed with all the components and features required in the modern WordPress themes and websites.

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Lot's of features

Extensive high quality components library and premium features.

Fast to setup

Activate the plugin and populate the json settings array. You're one.

Easy to use

Incredibly easy to use, everything is ready, just insert your settings.

High performance

Just one call to the database, scripts and styles loaded only when required.

    • Information

      Display a message box

    • Text

      Text input for plain text

    • Textarea

      Textarea for large plain texts

    • Checkbox

      Checkbox to enable or disable an option

    • Select list

      Select that display a list of options

    • Radio list

      List of radio buttons

    • Number

      Allow to insert only numbers

    • Number X4

      Display horizontally 4 input numbers

    • Range

      Numeric horizontal range input

    • Upload

      Allow to upload and select a file

    • Upload image

      Allow to upload, select and display an image

    • Code editor

      Powerful HTML, JS, and CSS editor

    • WP Editor

      The default WYSIWYG WordPress editor

    • Color

      Allow to visually choose a color

    • Repeater

      Allow to add infinite multiple values

    • Multi input

      Display multiple input types at once

    • Google Fonts

      Fonts selector with styles and front loading

    • Select image

      List of options displayed as images

Extensive high quality
components and inputs library.

The most complete components library on the market, composed of more than 20 components, enable a fast and easy theme options creation. Every component has dedicated options for all the needs.

All components features

Every component require id, type, title and content options. The options showed below are additionals.

Component Option name Description

Enable or disable the multilingual feature.


Enable or disable the multilingual feature.

Upload image

Set the image preview sizes.

Select list

Array of text options.

Select image

Array of text options with image links.

Radio list

Array of text options.


Display the number unit like px.

Number X4

Display the numbers unit like px.


Display the numbers unit like px.

Minimum and maximum values. Default is 0 to 100.

Code editor

Choose between css, js and htmlmixed.

Enable or disable the multilingual feature.


Array of components. The supported components are text and textarea.

Multi input

Array of components. The supported components are text, textarea, upload and checkbox.

Required resources

Array of requirements to display. The supported values are memory-limit, upload-max-size, post-max-size, max-execution-time, zip, uploads-folder-writable and php-version.

Post types

Enable or disable the option to include the default category and tag taxonomies.

Enable or disable the option to add infinite custom taxonomies.

Enable or disable the option to select a standard page as archive.


Enable or disable the Envato purchase code verification.

Enable or disable the option to manually upload a zip archive to import.

Choose between a list of thumbnail images or a classic select.

Array of demos. Each item contains name, url, thumb url and the required plugins array.







WP Editor




Google fonts






Google Fonts

Google Fonts selector constantly updated, with fonts variants option and automatic front-end loading.


Required resources

Check the hosting settings and communicate to the user potential requirements issues.


Code editor

Powerful Javascript, HTML and CSS editor, multilingual and powered by Codemirror.



A component to add multiple single value or multi values items and save and read them as array.


Import and export of any
WordPress setting and content.

For any content and setting, alert about required plugins, display demo thumbnails, allow manual package upload, allow the importing only to envato costumers. Lightweight for low resources hostings.

View import and export list
Name Description

Export and import of images and videos of the WordPress Media Library. The import process automatically replace the media url with the destination url.


Export and import of pages.


Export and import of blog posts.

Post Types

Export and import of custom Post Types.

Categories and tags

Export and import of blogs categories and tags. The import process automatically assign the correct categories and tags to the post.


Export and import of custom taxonomies. The import process automatically assign the correct taxonomies to the Post Type item.


Export and import of comments. The import process automatically assign the correct comments to the post.


Export and import of widgets of all widgets areas.

Theme options

Export and import of Themikit Options settings.

Slider Revolution

Import the Slider Revolution sliders.


Export and import of Woocommerce products.


Export and import of navigation menus.

Placeholder option

This option is available only on the export process and allow the convertion of all images and videos to placeholders generated by

Envato verification

Allow the demo importing only to envato costumers with the purchase code verification.

Slider Revolution

Automatic importing, with medias and settings, of Slider Revolution sliders packages.

Page builders compatible

Tested with Elementor, Visual Composer, Gutenberg and Beaver pages builders.

Low requirements

Lightweight for low resources hostings. Ajax calls and dedicated execution for each content type.

Automatic css generation
from the theme options settings.

Automatic creation and front-end loading of a minified css file that contains custom css styles with the settings of the options panel. Very easy to use, just create the css file with your styles and insert the settings name.

See how it work

Create a standard .css file, insert your styles as usually and replace the css values with the code [themekit:ID] where ID is the ID if the setting you want to use. See the example on right. You're done!

  • Everytime the Theme options panel is updated a css file named with the final css is generated.
  • The css file is automatically loaded on front-end.
  • Only the styles with a value in the Theme options are generated, the others are not included.
  • Standard styles not synchronized with the Theme options can also be included.

Multilingual support for
WPML and Polylang plugins.

Automatic multilingual settings to change the setting's content for each language. No configuration needed, this feature is automatic on both admin and front-end. Compatible with WPML and Polylang plugins.

More details
  • Not settings or configurations needed, everything is automatic.
  • If the translation is not found the main language content will be used instead.
  • The multilingual components are text, textarea and code editor.
  • Work with global options and single post options.

Infinite Widget areas
and Post Types creation.

Visually create infinite Widgets areas by just insert the name and description. Visually create infinite Post Types in seconds with icon, tags, categoriers and custom taxonomies. All without write a single line of code.

More details
  • The created widget areas will be immediately available in the Widget WordPress page.
  • The created Post Types will be immediately available in the left WordPress menu.
  • Each Post Type have a dedicated page with the option to add the items, like for the posts.
  • Each Post Type support title, featured image, excerpt, comments and revisions.
  • Each Post Type is searchable.

Theme options screenshots

Take a deeper look at the administration area with the screenshots of the real plugin.

Designed for the developer experience

Productivity oriented, minimal configuration, easy and fast usage and installation! Minimum input, maximum output. Don't waste time, Themekit Options is incredible fast to use!

  • Json based population

    Populate the options panel by create a Json array. PHP array option is also available.

  • Automatic saving

    The settings are automatically saved via ajax without the need to configure anything.

  • Simple setting reading

    One function to read a setting is all you need to get its content. Just provide the setting name.

  • Custom contents

    Change the logo. Load a custom css file on admin and custom js, php e css files on front-end.

Single post panel

Options panel for single posts, post types and pages to allow the overwriting of the global settings. High performance.

White label

Fully brandable and white label. Change the panel logo and the links, load a custom admin css file.

Clean codebase

Well commented and organized areas, attention to the best code practices, well organized files and resources.


Fully responsive on all devices and tested on all major browsers including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari.

Premium documentation

Complete documentation with all the available options, configuration steps, fast and easy to read.

Premium support

Premium support with 24h max response time, we're here to help for any issue, we're also available for hire.