The fastest way
to develop websites and templates.

Themekit Code is an extendable framework similar to Bootstrap but with some key differences, it's built to create websites and templates instead that user interfaces, it's productivity oriented and it's fast and easy to use.

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Minimum Input, Maximum Output. All components work instantaneously.


Each module use low-level functions that ensure maximum flexibility.


Powerful and interactive, with code snippets to build your website faster.


Seo oriented, optimized code structure and minimal js and css files size.


80 +


10 +


500 +

Extensive components
library with advanced options.

The most complete components library on the market, composed by more than 80 components, enable a fast and easy template creation. Every component has dedicated options for all the needs.

Modularity and smart scripts
ensure a truly superior flexibility.

A framework based on the concept of modularity. Small, independent code blocks are linked together for create the website. Each module has generic and the low-level functions that ensure the maximum flexibility.

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  • Large options set for every component, 500+ available options.
  • Low-level structure to reuse the components on different scenarios.
  • Only the best and most flexible 3rd party plugins.
  • Smart scripts that automatically generate the desidered output.

Extreme productivity
for a fast and easy development.

Develop your website by just copy and paste the html code snippets of the documentation. Each module has generic low-level functions and options that ensure the maximum flexibility. No need to write any Javascript code.

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Superior performance
with great speed and high scores.

Speed is everything, Themekit Code is built to develop high performance websites. A hard work has been done to minimize the file size of scripts and styles and to avoid redundante codes. Only lightweight plugins.

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Blueprint template
included with the purchase.

Blueprint is a wireframe kit, a set of ready to use pages with a neutral blueprint design. Start your web project right with design free prototype.

  • Base your visual design on prototypes.
  • Contstant updates ensure new pages available in future.
  • Included for free into the Themekit Code product.

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Wireframe design to easily prototype the concept of your website. Blueprint template included.


Custom options array applied directly in the HTML, smart scripts automatically initialize and communicate together.


Bootstrap based and optimized for large desktop, tablet, and smartphones, tested on all screen sizes.

Premium documentation

Complete documentation with all the available options, configuration steps. Fast and easy to read.

Premium support

Premium support with 24h max response time, we're here to help for any issue, we're also available for hire.

Premium Templates

Stunning premium templates available for purchase are the perfect ready to use solution. High quality design.